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The Iranian hand woven carpets

Each Ahmad carpets hand woven works represent different parts of the paradise on the earth.
The masterpiece works release fragrance of the Eden when you are laying on yourself in depth  of the paradise medallion!.
Hand woven Ahmad carpets include Iranian carpets that there are many varieties for them.
They are recognized by their districts because their districts influence on their design, style, color and etc.
So we can briefly mention to the most famous Iranian carpets that they are known by their districts such as: Kerman, Hamadan, Mashhad, Azerbaijan, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Fars and etc.
Iranian carpets are famous and popular throughout the world because there are rich Iranian culture and traditions inside of their warp and weft.
The root of carpet is Iran base on "Pazyryk" carpet as the oldest carpet that is found up to now in the world.
For these reasons we export our masterpieces to many parts of the world like: Europe, South east Asia, Arabian countries, Australia, Russia & CIS countries, USA and south Africa.
In near future we will export our products to south America.
We proud of ourselves because our goal is braining paradise to your home.

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